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Where in 1890 Norddeutsche Lloyd (NDL) (German shipping company) stored its baggage and provisions for its emigrant ships to New York,
Philadelphia or Baltimore, we want to remember this great period of steam-powered shipping in our restaurant, cafe and bistro

The period, when many millions of emigrants set off from Bremerhaven on board large windjammers heading for the new world, had been over for more than 15 years, when NDL erected a brick building at the southern end of the new port. On the quay Emigrant ships like the steamers „Mosel“ or „Rhein“, on which the emigrants lived as „steerage passengers“ were readied. The straw sacks on which they slept, which were also later produced in this brick hall, had to be bought by the emigrants and were disposed of at the port of destination.

This monopoly also belonged to NDL. The new port remains linked to the great period of emigration from Bremerhaven. In this historic place we want to remember the great period of Norddeutsche Lloyd with the best Bremerhaven hospitality and equally good and traditional cuisine from our North Sea coast.

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